Looking for advice on how to get the media interested in your press release

Need help with your online media campaign and how to make the most of social media?  

Looking for help to put a short film together that quickly captures and communicates your vision?

Does your media and PR strategy need a review?

Do you need media/interview training?


How we can help:

  • Media and PR advice and consultancy
  • Vision film production
  • Social media PR consultancy
  • Tailor-made media training
  • Interview training based on your needs


"Sue provided media consultancy and outreach for an important healthcare policy event at the EU Brussels Parliament. In addition to getting up to speed in a complex area of medicine, Sue’s natural enthusiasm and interpersonal skills enhanced our professional reputation in the eyes of our clients."  (David Bennett, Oxford PharmaGenesis)

"Sue understood immediately what we were hoping to do and helped us achieve far more than we thought would be possible with our video project. We’re already looking forward to our next collaboration with her!"  (Richard Fisher, BRF)


Clients include London South Bank University, Oxford PharmaGenesis, Institution of Civil Engineers, BRF, Chef Florence Knight, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London City Mission.